About Us

FoCUS - Friends of Carlton United Site is a community based volunteer group who are interested in promoting and maintaining Chippendale as a comfortable, safe and pleasant place to live and work. The proposed development of the Kent Brewery site presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance the suburb by providing much needed public open space.

The aim of FoCUS is to ensure that any development on the brewery site contributes to the amenity of the whole area through a sensible balance of open space and public facilities coupled with residential and commercial development on a scale that is in keeping with the area.

We welcome and encourage the participation of residents in the group and would like to invite locals to join us in our activities

Chippendale community groups believe that they have a stake in what happens in the local community and have a right for their issues and concerns to be taken into account by Council in the development of policy.
There needs to be an open and transparent public consultation protocol.

Many government bodies and local councils have a formal community consultation protocols.
The City of Sydney has a woefully inadequate Public Consultation plan. Read it and judge for yourself.
Link to City of Sydney Public Consultation DCP

Look at some Community Consultation protocols used by other bodies.
Links to examples of other Community Consultation protocols

The following link is available to assist community members to be aware of the various legislation and policy controls which control our lives.
Links to Development related Legislation, Acts, Bills, Control Plans


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